A Poem of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

Through the light of knowledge we see mysteries as they unfold,

and understanding is birthed by the story that is told,

the journey takes us on a path we have never been,

to lead us to wisdom someone we must see as a friend.

Passing through places the mind has only seen,

where words gave life to something which reality can be,

we comprehend the truth and suddenly know,

that the image is achievable if the hand of our friend we do hold.

To guide us and lead us through the vast knowing we have gained,

for the understanding of what to know, is what we must attain,

one step at time, we take in the direction of the guide,

we reach a place that once, in only words did hide.

a manifestation of what we pictured in our mind,

a dream that has suddenly revived and now is alive.

For one showed us what life could be,

the other painted a reality for the mind to see,

While the last taught facts of  the “How”,

Being the reason that in life, you are there now.

So never turn away the book that holds the key,

or ignore the words that try to speak,

always give ear to the teacher who guides,

and you will increase life by the sight of your mind.



Seeing it Now

No matter what it is that you are trying to achieve in life there is a very powerful tool that you need to apply to your life if you want to achieve it. Seeing it Now. You might ask what do I mean about seeing it now? There is a powerful physiological fact that if you can envision yourself living what it is that you are trying to achieve, then chance are you will achieve it. Everything that your life is right now is nothing more than what you once visioned it to be. I can hear you now, Oh no, this is nothing what I envisioned my life to be? Oh, really. Well the job that you are working is the one you went and applied for, once they gave you and interview you began to see yourself working their and now where are you working. Or you seen an outfit advertised and seen yourself wearing and now you have it on. The truth is your life reflects your mental image of yourself and that is the very reason you are were you are in life. You created your world for you by your thoughts and what you meditated on. Your life is a mirror image of how you think whether or not you believe it. How do i know this? Listen to what it is you say and what it is that you speak. I can’t do that or that isn’t for me or that is my favorite or I am really good at that. Your words reveal your way of thinking and give proof to the fact of your life reflecting your thoughts.

Here is the good part though, your thought of your life can change. This means that your life can change too. The point is this, if you want your life to be different from what it is now, then you need to be, “Seeing it Now.” You need to envision your life being what it is that you want it to be and speaking the very same thing out of your mouth. If you are tired of being scared of doing something, then start picture yourself in your mind not being scared of it and speaking the same thing. What you have to understand is your mind is a very powerful tool, but it will only do what you program it to do. Changing the way you think is reprogramming your mind to operate in the way that you want it to operate. This in turn will change the way you live. Your mind can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. Let me tell you something, “If you think you can’t or you think you can, you will have just what you think.” That is a fact and there is no getting around it you must change the way you view things in your mind if you want to change the way your life is. Stop and really think about all the things in your life that you don’t do or want do because you tell yourself you can’t do them. How many of those things would you really like to do? Here is how to do them, change the way you view them in your mind. See them as things you can do in life and then start doing them. You have to start, “Seeing it Now” in your life. This is the key to having it in your life. It will be the most important factor of changing your life to be what it is you want it to be. It is changing the way that you think and the way that you view things in your mind. Understand this, “SUCCESS IS NOT ACHIEVED IN LIFE UNTIL IT IS FIRST ACHIEVED IN THE MIND.” You obtain success first in your mind then it will be obtained in your life. The mind is the separating factor of who is successful and who is not. It is the one element that determines whether or not you live the life you want to live. When you start “Seeing the Now” and creating a belief in your mind of what you want to your life to be, then and only then, will it become a reality. Your mind will steer you in that direction subconsciously without you even know it. To create the life you always wanted to live, you most first create that mental image in your mind and  your thoughts must be in agreement with that image. Once that is achieved then your life will become what you have wanted it to be. If you want to live a life more than what you have right now, then start, “Seeing it Now!”

Hope of Life

In life we are all giving choices every day and the choices that we make will determine what our life will be. No one sets the course of our life but ourselves and where we end up in life will  be determined by the choices we make. Some of us will find ourselves at success why others will still continue to dream of it. It is a sad truth but a reality seen everyday in life. All you have to do is look around and you can see it in life every where that you look. So what makes us choose the path that our life ends up on and what makes us except a life less than what we should have? I have asked this question so many times and studied the behavioral patterns of both sides and I have learned that it all comes down to one thing, Hope.

When hope is strong then the impossible is achieved and success is obtained, yet when hope is lost then all is lost and one excepts whatever life gives. It amazes me to see how powerful hope is in life and the important role that it plays in the outcome of ones life. To those where hope remains their life seems to grow and flourish into a remarkable picture of success, but to the one that hope has ceased it is as a cancer has set into their life and everything slowly begins to die. I cannot help but feel sad for the one that have lost hope and wonder how did it happen and what brought them to the point where they quit believing. Where was the place in life that their hope began to die and what stopped them from believing in a better life? Knowing that life is such a precious gift and that there is so many that have stop seeing the value of it because their lives have lost hope.

I sit and I wonder what could one do to help change the course of a persons life and what is needed to help those overcome the feeling of defeat and depression so that hope can be revived and come back to life within them. This is a question that we should all ask ourselves, How can I help someone else in life today so that they can have hope to a better tomorrow…. Does it really matter if we make it to the top in life only to not make any changes in the world we live or help those around us in need. I think not! It is amazing how just a kind word, act or deed can impact a persons life for the good and bring forth hope in their life. I mean how much does cost a person to just speak a word of encouragement, kindness or love. It is when we loose our ability to have compassion and care for others that we loose sight of what Humanity really is. Kind words never get old and Compassion is never frowned upon. I have heard it said so many times, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When we as Humans will learn to Love, Care, and be Kind, then shall we have grasped the reality of what it means to Live….

DETERMINATION – Conquering your Success

DETERMINATION – Conquering your Success

Determination is, “the act of deciding definitely and firmly; a fixed intention to achieve a desired end.” This is going to be one of your most valuable tools in achieve your Pure Desire. You must decide definitely and firmly and your intentions must be fixed on achieving your desired end. This will not be hard if you are convinced that your Pure Desire is the truth for your life. Like I have said many times so far in this book, you have got to want it with everything in you, if you want to have it. Determination is what will make you face what looks like the impossible with a fearless heart and conquer that which people say that you cannot. It is a, “I will not fail, I will not be defeated and I will not quit” mentality. It is when against all odds you stand, when all seems lost you fight, when there seems to be no way, you make one. It is the driving force empowering you to GO! I mentioned at the beginning of this book that the plan was the vehicle and desire was the fuel, well that means that Determination is the engine. It is the motor that pushes you forward and drives your life right into your Pure Desire with the utmost force and authority. Determination at its full potential and the throttle wide open will make you are a force not to be messed with. Your mind is made up and you are convinced that your Pure Desire is the truth for your life; therefore there is nothing that can stop you from making it a reality in your life. Your mind is set, your heart is set, your course is set, truth is established and no matter what obstacles get in your way you will obtain your Pure Desire. Determination is the divine essence of obtaining success and making your life what you want it to be. It is the power that kicks in when you become tired or weak, it is that one thing that will make you get back up and fight. You must, and say it again; you must have Determination and be fully determined to become your Pure Desire if you want to see it in your life. Determination is the separating factor of the successful and the unsuccessful; it is the difference between a winner and a loser. It will determine whether or not you come out on top holding the trophy of success. I have found that true determination is a power that cannot be defeated because it will not quit. It has something inside of it that holds it steadfast to its purpose and its course, it is full of Devotion.

A Chapter From my Book, True Essences of Success, Living Pure Desire

Knowing Love to Find Love

Love is the number one thing in the world that everyone wants. What is love? That’s the question that everybody is asking and more topics have been formed around that word than any other word in history. So many people look for love or what they think is love, from many different sources. Truth is love starts in your own heart and nowhere else. It starts with loving yourself and loving who you are. If you cannot love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you. What will happen is you will try to change everything in your life in order to fit into another person’s life, in hopes that they will love you. The Fact of the matter is, the only way you will know what true love is, you must first love who you are as a person, as an individual, as a unique and special human being.

I have talked to many people about love and what I thought it was, and it always boils down to the same point; you first have to love yourself and who you are. Love is something deeper than just a feeling that a person gives you, is the ability to be comfortable with who you are around that person. True love is when you know in your heart that the person you are with loves you for who you are and nothing else. If the person that you’re with is trying to change you and trying to make you into something that you are not, then is that really love? Maybe they just love the idea of who they can make you be, instead of who you are. I found that life can only be complete when you understand what love really is. It’s the number one thing that everybody in this world longs for and searches to obtain. Because deep down inside they know, True love has the ability to fill every void in your life and it has the ability to make a person complete and to make a person whole.

The problem is, what most people call love is nothing more than lust. You must understand that true love is not seen with the eyes; it is seen with the heart. It’s not something that you behold physically; it is something that you behold inwardly. True love is ordained to be a union of two hearts, two minds and two souls coming together to be one. It’s when every weakness in your life is balanced out by the strength of the one your with and together the two of you are made into one. No one is perfect in life and we all have our weaknesses, but why are those weaknesses there for. I believe that those weaknesses are created to teach us how to unite with others and how to become codependent. To me, this is what true love is, its two people being made complete and whole through union and  bonded that union together by love.

When you reach this place in life it will become a place where, “It’s not about what can you get, it’s about what can you give.” What can you do to make the your other half feel special, feel wanted, feel needed, feel cherished, feel alive and most of all feel loved. True love never looks at its self as to what it can get, but rather looks at the other and sees what it can give. If both people in a relationship are doing this, then both people will be satisfied and both people will be complete. True love defies all the laws of survival as we have been taught by society. Society teaches you that you have to make your own way; you have to go get things for yourself, to focus on yourself and put yourself first. Reality is that love is just the opposite, it’s always seeking what it can give, how it can help and what can I do to make someone else’s life better. True love is never self-seeking, self-gratifying or self-indulged. If you want to know how to find love, first love yourself and who you are as a person and then love everyone else just the same, and love will find its way to you….