J.D.Lamb’s Review of the book MONEY MAKING MACHINE by Anbu Rayappan

J.D.Lamb’s Book Review of Money Making Machine by Anbu Rayappan. Now if you are wanting to publish books on Amazon Kindle or have published books on Kindle for the purpose of trying to make money (which is just about every Author that I know) and not sure what you can do to increase your sales, … Continue reading

J.D.Lamb’s Review of Email Marketing THAT SELLS by Robert Coorey

My Review of Email Marketing that sells by Robert Coorey I purchased this book about a month and half ago because I really just wanted to know more about email marketing. I had never used this method of marketing before and figured that it could be a benefical tool. Therefore as always I read the … Continue reading

J.D.Lamb’s Review of the book 30 FREE e-commerce Tools by Rob Mabry

J.D.Lamb’s  personal review of 30 Free e-commerce Tools by Rob Mabry I purchased this book because of the title of the book. Hey, what can I say, the Free part of the title got me. I did read the sample version first and the reviews. The book cost me 2.99 when I purchased it about … Continue reading

J.D.Lamb’s Review of the Kindle Publishing Bible by Tom Corson-Knowles

My Review of the book Kindle Publishing Bible by Tom Corson-Knowles About a month ago I purchased this book from the Kindle book store curious as to what the Authors advise was to sell more books on Amazon. Like any reader I first read the reviews of the book to see what others were saying … Continue reading